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Fans of Terry O'Quinn

Fans of Terry O'Quinn and John Locke
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Welcome to the Terry O'Quinn Appreciation Community. This place has just started so, all suggestions for improvement are welcome. I'm only one person :)

Anyway, I'm Ariel, and this community is dedicated to Terry O'Quinn, best known for his role as John Locke in LOST.

Terry O'Quinn is best known for his role as John Locke on ABC's LOST. He has also been in shows like Alias. A full biography can be found here

You can post news, pictures (old or new), speculation, icons, etc. about Terry, Locke and LOST.

-> If posting spoilers, PLEASE put it behind a cut and clearly say that it is a spoiler.
-> Please post all icons, wallpaper, fanart, etc. behind a cut, but they are welcome
->You can tell others about your LOST related communities
->All news should also be posted behind a cut, as long stories will take up room on the board
->No language or other inappropriate subjects
->Enjoy =)