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05 June 2007 @ 08:42 pm
Could the Emmy's Bring an O'Quinn VS Emerson Showdown for LOST?  
From www.Thetailsection.com

With the news that the LOST gang has submitted "The Man from Tallahassee" for the consideration of this year's Emmy panel (A VERY good choice, I think) you have to wonder if we are going to see a repeat of the 2005 showdown which pitted Naveen Andrews against Terry O'Quinn in the Best Supporting Actor category. (William Shatner won, I think.)

It is seriously inconceivable to me that this episode will not bring a Best Supporting Actor nomination for both Terry O'Quinn as well as Michael Emerson. Both men were in their A-Game and the episode was, without a doubt, the most cleverly plotted, self fulfilling episode of the season. Not one of the many twists executed in "Tallahassee" was executed without the finely nuanced performance of one or both of these men.

We won't know for sure until July 19th how well LOST will fare at this years Emmys, but let's assume that I am right (for once), and we do wind up with an O'Quinn vs Emerson showdown in the Best Supporting Actor slot. Who do you think will/should win, and why?